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We Appreciate Your Help!

Select the plan that speaks to your heart.

  • Community Check-Ins

    Every month
    Weekly Virtual Sessions to connect the city's businesses!
    • Sponsor logo on website
    • Sponsorship flyer and information shared on all sessions
    • Business Spotlight Once Each Month
  • MOSHE Support

    Every month
    Help MOSHE conduct daily connections & conversations
    • Sponsor logo on website
    • Sponsor logo at all MOSHE INC events
  • Most Selected Plan

    Youth Support

    Every month
    Youth Support sponsors 10 kids to attend all monthly events.
    • Ten kids to attend all monthly kid events
    • Sponsor logo on website
    • Sponsor flyer displayed at all kid events
  • Community Support

    Every month
    Let's build our community & local businesses!
    • Sponsorship logo on website
    • Sponsorship logo and flyer shared at all community events
    • Opportunity to speak live at upcoming community events
Click here to make a one-time donation.
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