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Gerod Ware

Speaker | Author | Founder, MOSHE INC.




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  • Building & Fostering Healthy Relationships

  • Equal Opportunity:  Addressing the Inequalities Within Our Communities

  • Using Entrepreneurship to Creating Generational Wealth

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Battle-Tested Leader & Speaker

"Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble." Rep. John Lewis (1940-2020)

In the U.S. Army, Gerod Ware worked as a Senior HR Officer charged with duties such as personnel and strength management, career tracking and progression for soldiers, and served as a Senior Adviser to policy makers.  He has also managed hundreds of soldiers, and the maintenance and upkeep of over $20 million worth of equipment.

As the Battalion Equal Opportunity Leader, Gerod trained soldiers and civilians to prevent violations to the Department of Defense's Equal Opportunity Program.  He investigated violations and provided recommendations to senior leaders on ways to remedy identified problems.  When necessary, Gerod facilitated remedial training based on findings from investigations. 


Gerod enjoys helping organizations grow and to be good partners to each other in the communities they serve.


Gerod has a passion to see people excel and believes that, with the adequate resources and opportunities, most people can live fulfilling lives.  With this inspiration, Gerod founded MOSHE INC, a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to MOSHE is to Mobilize Organize Strategize Help Execute a better vision for the community to have better, live better and do better.  With MOSHE INC., we are able to level the playing field so all people have a fair opportunity to accomplish their dreams.

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