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Thank you for being a supporter of MOSHE Inc.

MOSHE was created by Founder Gerod Ware to Mobilize Organize Stabilize Help Execute the resources and trainings that communities need to thrive!

MOSHE Inc is hosting its first event on March 17-18, 2023 - The Conversation Summit. Taking place at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Frisco Convention Center, we are partnering with city leaders Mayor Curtis Cornelious, Councilwoman Angelia Pelham, Councilman Jamell Johnson and Senior Director of ScoutsBSA Lawrence Washington, Jr. and more to spark the conversation between the people and their city leaders.

Creating an environment where our future leaders - the kids - are inspired to do more, we have an entire event dedicated to kids.

The Mental Health Peace Rally, created and facilitated by Czarina Matthews, founder of iCreatePeace Foundation, is set to provide kids with a solid foundation and offers a guided conversation about mental wellness for pre-teens, teens and their parents while providing tips, tools, strategies and steps to safety.

We are here to connect with our children in the area they need us most - supporting their mental health and wellness.

Not only do we want our children to be well mentally and emotionally, we are hosting a pitch competition that will provide an opportunity for kids and their parents to participate and receive feedback to grow and support to sustain. With gift packages created to help businesses thrive, the city will experience a shift in the mindset of ownership and entrepreneurship.

Join us for the inaugural conversation on March 17-18, 2023, by reserving a seat for you and one for your child(ren). Visit and get your ticket(s) here: for more information.

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Help children find their passions and interests and seek ways to show interest and have fun learning about it with them.

Find the learning style that speaks to how your child learns best.

Talk to and with them, not at them.

Show support and encourage your child during times of obstacles and challenges.

Teach them by showing them how you are pursuing your passion.

Once your child sees that you are interested in supporting them with their passions, they'll be more inclined to speak to you about what they desire to do in life and they'll also be inspired to keep going because YOU are supporting them through the rough times of figuring it all out.

If you're seeking support to help foster a higher expectation of learning from your child, check out our upcoming events for kids where we open the doors to learning.

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